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Drug Trafficking in Spain: The Current Situation in Barcelona and Valencia

Introduction The phenomenon of drug trafficking in Spain, particularly in the cities of Barcelona and Valencia, continues to pose a significant challenge for local and national authorities. This article explores the current situation, highlighting recent developments, law enforcement responses, and the legal implications for those involved in illicit activities. The Growing Concern Over Drug Trafficking […]

Associative Crimes: A General Analysis

In the legal context, associative crimes pertain to the criminal actions of a group of individuals who come together to form a stable organization with a specific and predetermined common purpose. This article will delve into the key concepts of associative crimes, focusing on when an association for criminal purposes can be recognized, its constitutive […]

Drug Trafficking Arrest in Italy: A Legal Insight

In the Italian judicial system, drug trafficking arrests are a complex issue that requires in-depth understanding. In this article, we will delve into the details of this legal procedure, the types of arrests, and the prerequisites that justify them. We will also explore how an experienced lawyer can play a crucial role in these cases. […]

Criminal Association and Drug Trafficking

Definition of Associative Offenses Associative Offenses in General: In broad terms, associative offenses pertain to criminal actions involving an association, namely, a group composed of at least three individuals who come together to form a stable structure. This structure must possess a legal personality distinct from that of the individual participants and be capable of […]

Criminal Association: Illicit Drug Trafficking

In the Italian legal context, the associative offense entails the formation of an association, an organization composed of at least three individuals who come together to create a stable structure with a legally distinct personality from the individual participants. This association must be capable of pursuing a specific and pre-defined criminal program. Associative offenses, prominently […]

Jurisprudence on Article 73 of DPR 309/1990 Regarding Drug Trafficking

Article 73 of the Presidential Decree (DPR) No. 309 of 1990 is a highly significant legal provision within the Italian legal system. This article governs the crime of drug trafficking, an illicit activity with severe implications for public health and societal safety. In the context of this article, we will examine in detail the following […]