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ILA: criminal legal defence in Italy and abroad

ILA – International Lawyers Associates provides assistance and legal defence for arrestees abroad.

As the first Italian law firm specialised in criminal law and extradition, it was born from the experience and will of criminal lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli to create an international team of the highest level.

The aim is to guarantee, in a timely manner, legal protection to those who, on foreign soil, find themselves in detention or under arrest.

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Criminal defence outside the national territory

Thanks to a dense network of collaborations with public and diplomatic bodies and collaborations with international partners, ILA is able to support the criminal defence of arrested persons outside the national territory in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Criminal defence in European Union countries

Criminal defence in the United States

Criminal defence in Colombia and Mexico

Criminal defence in Latin American countries

Criminal defence in the United Arab Emirates

Criminal Defence in Australia

Criminal Defence in Canada

Criminal defence in China

Arrested abroad: why rely on ILA

In such a delicate situation, it is necessary to rely on criminal lawyers specialised in arrests abroad, competent professionals able to act, also through trusted partners, directly in the country of interest. With his law firm ILA and a long experience in complex criminal cases, lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli has been able to weave a network of useful collaborations to handle the defence of defendants in Italy and abroad, even in the remotest foreign court. You can confidently entrust your case to ILA because the team guarantees full assistance to its clients, even coping with language difficulties: all of ILA’s criminal lawyers speak no less than 5 languages – Italian, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
In addition, the in-depth knowledge of the legal instruments to be adopted, of the Conventions and Treaties between countries, ensures that they work not only to achieve an acquittal and/or minimisation of the sentence, but a rapid release of the client.
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Prisoner Assistance

We guarantee complete assistance to the detainee within 12 hours, directly at the police units involved

Specialised counselling

We offer constant information, assistance and counselling to the detainee and his family, throughout the whole process

Maximum privacy

We ensure discreet and personalised treatment in order to facilitate and protect the privacy of the detainee and his family

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In national and international criminal defence cases, acting promptly is tantamount to securing an essential advantage in the case. Fill out the form with all the requested data and you will be contacted within a few hours.