Reputational protection campaigns

The ILA law firm, thanks to its high-profile collaborators, works on reputational protection campaigns, devising customised communication strategies.

The world is completely globalised and interconnected, everyone is constantly profiled, even through search engines, by banks, public administrators, law enforcement agencies and even customers and suppliers.

The greatest asset of a professional or a company is its name. Defending it against the pitfalls of the web, competitors and detractors, while at the same time enhancing it, is the key to success.

Our campaigns allow you to ‘cleanse’ the Net of unwelcome information and create a favourable narrative.

The topics covered and the methods of intervention are varied, the private individual and the legal entity are therefore ‘scanned’ at the end of a consultation. Resolution and growth strategies are for this reason always customised and calibrated ad hoc. ILA counts strategic companies, public companies, politicians and professionals among its clients.