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International tax planning

The ILA law firm specialises in international tax planning, implementing ad hoc strategies for those who need to better organise their tax burden, both in Italy and abroad.

Entrepreneurs, commercial companies and freelancers today find themselves in the situation of having to cope with a tax burden, such as that exerted by the State, which is so oppressive that they are forced to emigrate elsewhere in order to lawfully limit their tax burden.

All this also has serious repercussions on the Italian production system, which is in an unfavourable competitive position compared to other entrepreneurial forces in neighbouring European countries.

It is pressing to do something constructive and find an alternative to: move abroad without committing a tax evasion. One strategy could be to find a way to be subject to the lowest possible legitimate taxation.

However, this is not always easy: the risk is to stumble upon a path that is actually not lawful and law-abiding.

Legitimate tax savings require legitimate and lawful strategic tax planning that complies with national and international regulations: this is exactly what International Lawyers Associates, the law firm that also specialises in international tax matters, does.

A legitimate and lawful tax loophole

International Lawyers Associates, in compliance with the law and the legal system, thanks to the competence and experience gained by its team in tax matters, is able to offer its clients a legitimate and legitimate way out of the tax burden.

All of this goes through excellent planning aimed at achieving larger profit margins to access higher investment and/or personal income thresholds. In fact, the law firm has an ad hoc department completely dedicated to ‘International Tax Planning’.

The team also carries out, on behalf of citizens and companies, an assessment and selection of the most suitable of the various alternative tax regimes, i.e. the one that best suits the needs, on a case-by-case basis, of each client.

Securing capital and business: a must in our times

It is time to put an end to the migratory flow of our productive energies to areas with higher profit margins.

With the support of the tax planners, accountants and/or bookkeepers and lawyers of International Lawyers Associates, it will finally be possible to achieve more effective tax planning. Given that there is no fixed tax planning scheme valid for every case, the team of this associated law firm examines the operational and technical characteristics of each company, offering each one an advisory service that will lead to concrete, non-rhetorical solutions.

International tax advice available all year round

Due to the presence of the firm’s physical offices in several European and non-European cities, the professionals of International Lawyers Associates are able to guarantee coverage in terms of quality and consistency of services for as many as 365 days a year.

Their tax planning activities apply as much to Italy as to foreign countries: this means that an entrepreneur who has turned to this staff will never be abandoned, not even in his various journeys to/from abroad and not even if he is not physically present.

Steps of tax planning by International Lawyers Associates

International tax planning, whether simple or complex, involves:

  • Analysis of the company’s data, economic, tax and acquisition of information on the company’s modus operandi, taking into account the structure and tax regime in detail;
  • Study and identification of all viable options and the design of the new company structure, according to possible variants and alternative solutions, depending on the client’s needs;
  • Evaluation of the tax engineering project, which involves deciding which tax benefits to obtain, in accordance with a correct and timely risk assessment;
  • Selection of the best tax engineering project, with the final choice submitted to the entrepreneur for his approval on the feasibility of the project.

As can be seen, behind the tax planning of a new project there is a precise study and a very well thought-out analysis of all the company’s data, economic and non-economic, fiscal and fiscal: only after an estimation of the pros and cons and an assessment that varies case by case is it possible to arrive at a new tax project that is armoured, secure, infallible and, obviously, legitimate from every point of view.

This plan can be drawn up in writing and can be a valid legal and financial opinion.

Rely on the consultants and lawyers of ILA for your international tax planning: book a consultation.