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ILA Italian and Spanish offices: your criminal defence in Italy and Spain

To ensure a better and timely legal defence on Italian and Spanish soil, ILA has chosen to have different offices in the main cities of Italy and Spain.

Ours is a team of successful lawyers experienced in Italian and Spanish criminal and criminal law, available to assist you at all times.

As for International Lawyers Associates, we have the renowned lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli, an expert in international criminal law, registered in the Torre Annunziata Bar Association (Court of Appeal of the District of Naples, Italy).

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We speak 5 different languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French

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Criminal defence in Italy and Spain: a leading legal team for companies, entities and individuals

ILA is a criminal law firm with offices in Milan, Rome and Naples, working with partners in similar structures in the US, Europe and South America.
It specialises in EU and non-EU legal systems for legal assistance of foreign nationals (drug trafficking, money laundering and self-money laundering, murder, tax crimes, fraudulent bankruptcy, professional negligence cases).

ILA’s coordinator is Alexandro Maria Tirelli, who has worked as a manager in the export sector, as head of the legal area for several Italian and foreign companies.
His extensive experience in transnational cases – arrest warrants, extraditions and transfer of prisoners to Italian judicial authorities – makes him one of the leading experts in the field. He is fluent in five languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and English).

By founding ILA – International Lawyers Associates, he wanted to create a network of high-profile lawyers, capable of operating in Italy, Spain and the rest of the world, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

ILA offices in Italy

ILA has law firm offices in the main Italian cities. Thanks to our capillary presence, we are able to assist our clients on all kinds of issues related to criminal law, quickly and with great expertise.

• Napoles
• Turin

• Roma
• Milan

• Catania
• Sicily

“The greatest concern of the family members of a person who has just been arrested is the limitation of contact, concern for their status and receiving specialised legal assistance “

Lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli in a TG1 report

ILA offices in Spain

ILA operates more than 10 offices of its criminal law firm throughout Spain. Thanks to a team of lawyers experienced in Spanish criminal law, we are able to intervene very quickly and support clients facing charges or arrest in Spain or abroad.

• Alicante
• Valencia
• Bilbao

• La Coruna
• Granada
• Malaga

• Siviglia
• Tenerife
• Saragozza

• Barcellona
• Madrid
• Salamanca

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