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Legal and strategic communication for companies and organisations

Through legal and strategic communication for companies and organisations, ILA aims to protect and corroborate the commercial, entrepreneurial or industrial authority of its clients.

The development of investigations, trial proceedings and the decision-making process in courtrooms are vigorously influenced by the attitude the media devotes to a given episode. Even from an exquisitely reputational point of view, the submission of an individual or a company to trial can generate a number of negative consequences and have a profound impact on the brand of the corporate entity the subject of the invextigation.

For this reason, ILA’s criminal lawyers take care of all operations relating to both strictly legal communication and strategic communication, in order to re-establish the good name and prestige of their clients.

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From this point of view, ILA is a legal consultancy company with foresight, realising the importance of protecting the prestige and good name of its clients.

For this reason, ILA has entered into a series of contractual relationships with a large number of communication professionals and public relations professionals, lawyers with expertise in legal and strategic communication, who can lend a helping hand to the client who intends to ‘ring the other bell’, i.e. to tell his or her side of the story, soliciting greater attention on one or other aspect of his or her legal case.
The trial does not die in the courtroom with the issuing of a verdict, but it transforms the perception of the world with respect to the individual who has been involved in it for years, particularly in today’s globalised society invaded by news from social media.

ILA contributes in a prudent and professional manner to the re-establishment of the client’s prestige and honour, in Italy and around the globe, through specific Legal Communication and Strategic Communication operations.

The first, intended to mitigate the damaging effects of the judicial affair and its erroneous or biased journalistic narration. The second, mainly dedicated to the world of companies and entities, in order to underpin commercial, entrepreneurial or industrial authority.

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