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Criminal Defence in the United States of America

The law firm has been engaged for many years in the Stars and Stripes Land, the Country of the Free, engaging in the criminal defence in the United States of America of defendants, both natural persons and legal entities.

It must be remembered that in the USA, companies and corporations are also separate legal personalities imputable subjects, just like an ordinary citizen. International Lawyers Associates offers assistance and criminal defence before all judicial courts, both national and federal. Our law firm’s presence in the United States has been established since the early 2000s.

In particular, our attorneys, and especially the Coordinator of the trial area attorney Alexandro Maria Tirelli, have developed a network of attorneys and partners throughout the Federal territory, but especially in the States of New York and Florida, as well as in Washington DC and throughout the East Coast of the country. International Lawyers also has a presence in California, Texas and the Hawaiian Islands.

Our law firm has the support of 20 of the best American lawyers, and can guarantee excellent defence in every area of criminal law and international law, whether it be in trials against organised crime, or the defence of the rights of suspected white-collar criminals and major figures in national and international politics.

In America, the public prosecutor (District Attorney) is not obliged by law to exercise the prosecutorial role in every single case. This peculiarity allows for a rapid resolution of the many so-called minor cases. The American penal system is in fact inspired by the principle of social reintegration of the criminal and the asocial person, as well as the rehabilitation of drug addicts and persons with behavioural problems (such as offenders with mental disorders or personality disorders). This peculiarity has helped us to allow the swift return to their families of droves of young people and tourists, unaccustomed to the strict American norms.

It should not be forgotten that bail is permitted in the United States and that pre-trial detention is mandatory, only in the most serious cases.

ILA: local law firms and criminal defence throughout the USA

As mentioned, our law firm specialising in criminal defence in the USA has a massive presence in the state of New York, and in the cities of Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. The firm’s strong focus on international drug trafficking and money laundering issues has historically allowed us to intervene extensively in Florida, in the cities of Miami, Jacksonville, Cape Coral, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale. And the historical defence of the Latin American community in general, but especially the Colombian, Mexican and Venezuelan communities.

The firm is actually able to organise an adequate defence team in every urban centre in the country, especially in Texas and California. Attorney Tirelli, for years, has been a consultant and host for the TV and Radio networks of the Mexican communities living in California. Our team has worked in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

International Lawyers Associates has a presence in Honolulu and works regularly in Puerto Rico and the Antilles. Our attorneys have often handled matters related to the world of shipping and large Caribbean cruises, assisting crews and tourists, involved in a wide variety of matters, also in St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla, Dominica and Barbados, and other islands in the area.

International Lawyers Associates is able to provide full assistance before International Arbitration Courts.