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Drug Trafficking in Spain: The Current Situation in Barcelona and Valencia

Introduction The phenomenon of drug trafficking in Spain, particularly in the cities of Barcelona and Valencia, continues to pose a significant challenge for local and national authorities. This article explores the current situation, highlighting recent developments, law enforcement responses, and the legal implications for those involved in illicit activities. The Growing Concern Over Drug Trafficking […]

Appellate Judgments: The Need for Strengthened Motivation to Overturn Acquittals

What is Strengthened Motivation in Appeals? When an appellate judgment seeks to overturn an acquittal, a strengthened motivation is required. This means that the Court of Appeal must provide a detailed explanation of the reasons why a piece of evidence acquires a completely different demonstrative value compared to the evaluation by the first-instance judge. The […]

Criminal Cassation: Effects of Non-Compliance with the Mayor’s Order to Remove Abandoned Waste

Introduction On January 19, 2024, the Criminal Cassation Court, Section III, issued judgment no. 9461, addressing the consequences of non-compliance with the mayor’s order to remove abandoned waste. This article analyzes the details of the judgment and its implications for those responsible for waste abandonment and the recipients of the mayoral removal orders. Obligations for […]

Model 231: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Introduction to Model 231 Legislative Decree 231 of June 8, 2001, also known as Model 231, represents a milestone in Italian legislation. For the first time, it introduces criminal liability for certain crimes committed by legal entities or by individuals with a direct relationship with a collective entity. The goal is to ensure that such […]

Origins of Law 547/1993

Law No. 547 of 1993 represents a turning point in the regulation and punishment of cybercrimes in Italy. Before this law, the legislator had adopted a fragmented and case-by-case approach, introducing laws that, starting from the late 1970s, dealt with the issue of electronic devices without providing a comprehensive and adequate regulation for a range […]

Overview of Cyber Crimes in the Corporate Environment

Introduction to Cyber Crimes in Businesses In today’s digital era, every company is equipped with numerous computers, often accessible from outside, creating open networks. This widespread presence of computers means that, in theory, a cyber crime can be committed in any company. External accessibility increases the likelihood of attacks by individuals who are not part […]

Analysis of Cybercrime: Fundamental Concepts and Classifications

The concept of cybercrime encompasses a variety of illicit acts that exploit computer technology, both hardware and software. These crimes can have different purposes, from commercial exploitation to targeting the national security systems of a country. Despite the first relevant law in Italy, Law No. 547/1993, being over two decades old, many of its provisions […]