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Requesting Italian Citizenship: how to apply

The procedures for applying for Italian citizenship are particularly long and cumbersome.

Our international law firm offers a consultancy service and the resolution of all issues related to the application for Italian citizenship, whatever the specific case submitted.

In the course of this in-depth analysis we will look at all aspects of this procedure, but we will also talk about what it means to be an Italian citizen and what rights one acquires with this status.

How Italian Citizenship is Acquired

Italian citizenship is acquired naturally, i.e. automatically, in the following cases:

  • By birth by an individual born to at least one Italian parent;
  • By birth on Italian territory by a foreigner born in Italy at the age of 18;
  • By adoption in the case of a minor adopted by an Italian citizen.

There are other cases in which the acquisition and recognition of this condition takes place, subject to an application for Italian citizenship made for this purpose, under the following conditions provided for by law:

  1. Jure sanguinis
  2. By marriage
  3. By residency

Application for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis

The main holders of citizenship jure sanguinis are American citizens, Australians, Argentinians, Brazilians, etc. who have ancestors of Italian nationality who emigrated abroad years and years ago.

This is the clientele of International Lawyers Associates, the team of specialist lawyers who are experts in the legal practices involved in applying for Italian citizenship.

This is an ever-growing pool of clients who are witnessing the closure of Italian citizenship application files in no more than six months compared to 4-7 years: these are the average times for obtaining the application for recognition through consular channels.

Requesting Italian nationality by marriage

There are also other cases in which Italian nationality may be granted. One of them is marriage to an Italian citizen. A foreign citizen or stateless person, if in fact married to an Italian citizen, automatically acquires the right to request Italian nationality.

For this request to be legitimate, the following conditions must be met:

Legal residency in Italy for at least one year;

Presence of children born or adopted by the spouses;

Legal residency in Italy for at least two years in the absence of offspring. These are the timescales, on the other hand, in the case of the couple’s residency abroad:

One and a half years in the presence of children born or adopted by spouses;

Three years of marriage, provided that there has been or is being no dissolution, annulment, legal separation or cessation of the civil effects of the marriage.

Requesting Italian Citizenship by residency

Italian nationality may also be applied for due to the applicant’s prolonged residency in Italy, provided that the following requirements are met:

  • 3 years of legal residence in Italy for descendants (up to the second degree) of Italian citizens by birth and for those born in Italy;
  • 4 years of legal residence in Italy for EU citizens;
  • 5 years of service in the employ of the Italian State, also abroad.
  • 5 years of legal residence in Italy for stateless persons, for political refugees, for individuals adopted by Italian citizens of full age, and for children of full age of naturalised Italian parents;
  • 10 years of legal residence in Italy for non-EU citizens.

In all the cases mentioned, the receipt of personal or family income is mandatory. The latter is generally subject to indisputable and discretionary evaluation by the Ministry of the Interior, whose experts in the field take into account at least 3 years prior to the date of the applicant’s application.

Application for Italian citizenship for foreigners

The preferred channel in this specific case and to be guided through the entire procedure is to contact a law firm specialised in applying for Italian citizenship for foreigners. It is only in this way that it will be possible to obtain in a very short time all the necessary registry documents, with the relevant annotations and registrations from the civil status offices.

International Lawyers Associates best meets these needs. This team of lawyers and experts, through a extensive network of foreign offices, provides, in addition to all the tasks mentioned, also takes care of all the formalities of legalisation/notarisation of documents, including the affixing of the Hague Apostille on certificates.

It also takes care of all sworn translations.

What does Italian Citizenship entitle you to?

With the acquisition of Italian citizenship, a citizen acquires the same rights and duties as any other Italian citizen.

The former includes exercising the right to vote, health care in Italy, and legal protection. Among the latter are compliance with national law and all the obligations arising therefrom.

Getting the assistance of a specialised team, as can be deduced from the above, can make all the difference. It is better not to get entangled in cumbersome procedures with biblical timescales and to choose experts.