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Obtaining an investment visa in Italy

International Lawyers Associates has a team of lawyers experienced in obtaining an investment visa in Italy (Investor Visa), an essential requirement for all foreigners wishing to invest in our country in the sectors of their preference.

In addition to carrying out the typical activities related to the legal profession, our law firm also deals with investments in the corporate sector and in the real estate sector, especially related to the professional activities sector, technological research and the luxury sector.

Besidescarrying out the bureaucratic and legal paperwork for obtaining the Investor Visa for Italy, the law firm operates directly and personally the investment in Italy, in the name and on behalf of the client, assisting him from the first contact until his transfer to Italy. Upon request, our professionals also meet the assisted person at the place of his residence, wherever it may be located in the world.

Taking advantage of the legislative changes introduced by the Italian Parliament in 2017, International Lawyers Associates guarantees the possibility of acquiring a visa or elective residence to non-European citizens, i.e. from countries outside the Schengen area of the European Union.

Requirements for obtaining an investment visa in Italy

Naturally, the client must fulfil one of the following conditions:
  • an investment of at least EUR 2 million in government securities, which must be held for at least two years;
  • an investment of at least EUR 1 million in “instruments representing the capital of a company incorporated and operating in Italy” (e.g. shares) to be held for at least two years;
  • a philanthropic donation of at least EUR 1 million to support a project of public interest, in the fields of culture, education, immigration management, scientific research, and the restoration of cultural and landscape heritage.
  • a real estate investment of at least EUR 1 million
ILA proposes client-ready investment projects in a wide range of corporate sectors and is involved in the construction and renovation of luxury properties, in the most valuable areas of the country, with a very high income capacity. Your investment will yield solid many profits over time and you and your family will be free to live in Europe with all the benefits of freedom of movement in the rest of the EU. ILA is the business law firm of choice for major international investment groupsand it can set up holding companies if required.

Residence permit for investors and visa for family reasons

The new Italian laws, of course, allow investors to be accompanied by their family members on Italian and European territory. They will be issued with a ‘visa for family reasons’ in accordance with Article 30 of the Consolidation Act.

International Lawyers Associates will accompany you at every stage of the capitalisation and will manage the sums entrusted as required by Italian regulations, provided that the assisted party can prove the lawfulness of their origin. Most of our clients grant ILA the fiduciary management of their assets for the purpose of immediate investment in the shares or quotas of Italian companies, especially those not listed on the stock exchange, allowing the foreign investor direct contact with the company’s director.

Each contract and each investment will find its regulation and proper discipline in the contracts signed with ILA, signed before the notary and Italian consular authorities.

It should be noted that the residence permit and visa for investment will be extendable if the competent administrative authority has positively assessed the full use of the capital within the prescribed three-month period. Our lawyers will then assist our clients inapplying for and obtaining Italian citizenship, in the manner and within the terms provided by law, which must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.