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Criminal lawyer specialising in extradition

If you are seeking legal assistance for an extradition procedure, choosing a criminal lawyer specialised in this field is essential to protect your interests and rights.

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What is extradition

Extradition is a judicial procedure through which one country grants the surrender of a person suspected or convicted of an offence to another country that requests it.

It is a complex procedure that involves international and national law and requires the services of a criminal lawyer specialising in extradition.

What are the reference standards

The reference standards for extradition vary depending on the countries involved and the international conventions signed.

However, some of the most important conventions on extradition are:

The extradition procedure

The extradition procedure comprises several steps that must be followed precisely and rigorously. The extradition request must be formulated in accordance with the relevant regulations and must be supported by sufficient evidence.

The requested country must assess the request and decide whether or not to grant extradition.

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When extradition can be requested

Extradition may be requested when a person suspected or convicted of an offence is in another country.

However, the extradition request must meet certain specific conditions, such as the presence of a bilateral agreement between the countries involved, the correspondence of the offence under the laws of the two countries, and the guarantee that the person will not be subjected to ill-treatment or torture in the requesting country.

Who grants extradition

The country that grants extradition is the country where the suspected or convicted person is currently located. The decision to grant or deny extradition is made on the basis of the relevant regulations and the evidence presented by the requesting country.

The requesting country must provide sufficient evidence to justify the extradition request.

When extradition is not permitted

Under certain circumstances, extradition is not permitted and the person concerned will not be handed over to the requesting country. Some of the reasons why extradition may be denied are:

Why contact a criminal lawyer specialising in extradition

Extradition proceedings can have serious consequences for the life and liberty of the person involved. This is why it is important to contact a criminal lawyer specialising in extradition. A lawyer experienced in this field can:

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If you need legal assistance with an extradition procedure, contact us. We are a team of criminal lawyers specialised in international law and criminal law, and we offer competent, personalised legal advice on all aspects of extradition proceedings.

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