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Extradition to Jordan: Safeguards against Forced Labor

A Judicial Case Analyzed by the Supreme Court of Cassation In the context of interpreting Article 705 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure, the Supreme Court of Cassation examined a case of extradition to Jordan, issuing a judgment (Section VI n. 24348_2023) worthy of attention. Case Summary The defense filed an appeal against a […]

New measures for immigration in the United Kingdom

Minister of State for Legal Immigration and Borders, Tom Pursglove, recently announced a series of new measures aimed at limiting immigration to the United Kingdom. These measures, discussed within the framework of the five-point plan outlined by James Cleverley in December, have sparked debates and concerns regarding their impact on the country’s social and economic […]

International Extradition: Legal Guide

The Extradition Process International extradition is a complex process of cooperation among sovereign states. In this guide, we will examine the extradition process and the legal issues associated with it. A Case Study: Extradition from the United States To illustrate the process, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario in which an Italian citizen is accused in […]

International Extradition: Procedures and Legal Defense

Extraditing a person from one country to another is a complex legal process that requires a deep understanding of national and international laws. In this article, we will explore the international extradition process in detail and discuss the importance of competent legal defense in extradition situations. The International Extradition Process: An In-Depth Analysis The international […]

Extradition to Canada and the Principle of Specialty: What You Need to Know

Extracting a person from one country to another is a complex legal procedure that can have significant implications for the rights and freedom of the individual involved. In this article, we will examine the extradition process to Canada and the fundamental principle of specialty that governs its application. The Extradition Process: An Overview The extradition […]

International Extradition Request: Released After Arrest

In a recent case, an individual was arrested in Italy following an international extradition request from Brazil. This article will delve into the details of this case, highlighting crucial stages and legal considerations. The Arrest and Extradition Request The arrest occurred while the individual was on a brief vacation in Italy. The Judicial Police acted […]

Release Following a European Arrest Warrant in Spain: How to Obtain It

When it comes to cases involving European Arrest Warrants (EAW) in Spain, the process can be complex and challenging. In this article, we will discuss a general overview of how to handle such situations, emphasizing the importance of legal expertise in securing a favorable outcome. The Specific Case and Legal Challenges In a recent case, […]

Extradition in Serious Crime Cases: The Possibility of Obtaining House Arrest

Extradition is a complex procedure that can affect individuals accused or convicted of serious crimes in a foreign country. In this article, we will explore how it is possible to obtain house arrest instead of incarceration during an extradition process. The Legal Context When an individual is arrested in Italy based on an international arrest […]

USA – Italy Extradition

Extradition, a complex act of international cooperation, involves sovereign states in the transfer of individuals from one country to another for judicial purposes or the execution of criminal sentences. This mechanism requires that the offense in question is considered a crime under both the requesting country’s criminal law and that of the requested country. The […]

Extradition Between Mexico and Italy: Legal Procedures and Implications

Extradition is an international cooperation process involving sovereign states for the surrender of individuals accused or convicted of specific crimes. In this article, we will delve into the extradition process between Mexico and Italy, discussing the crimes that can lead to extradition, reasons for extradition refusal, and the methods of surrendering the extradited individual. What […]